Art Jamming Singapore: Paint, Sip, And Relax


Art Jamming Singapore is a way for anyone interested in art to get together, paint and socialize. It’s also an opportunity to explore the artistic side of life via painting and drawing. This article provides information on how Art Jamming Singapore works, what you can expect from it as well as some tips for beginners.

Art Jamming Singapore provides a fun and meaningful way to socialize while enjoying art. You’ll be able to enjoy guided painting sessions, as well as the chance for open-ended drawing time with plenty of inspiration around you.

An art jamming session is a great way to spend your weekends. It’s an event that combines painting, sipping, and relaxing with friends. You can find art jamming sessions in Singapore at various locations including cafes like The Arts House or the Tanjong Pagar Centre for Live Performance.

At these events, novices are welcome. It’s also possible at some point during your session that you will encounter one or more featured artists who will provide insight into their techniques and inspirations. These workshops are all about creating something beautiful together in an environment where everyone can feel comfortable exploring their creativity.

Art Jamming Singapore Event

These events usually last two hours but if you’re feeling extra creative, you can stay for as long as you want. You’ll be given everything necessary to create your painting or drawing at the event such as paint and brushes of various sizes, canvases in any size that suits your needs, a variety of paper products like sketchbooks and watercolour pads.

Art Jamming Singapore workshops are held on most Saturdays from 12-2 PM and Sundays from 11 AM – 1:30 PM at Inkwell Studios (located just off Holland Road).

The workshop costs SGD 50 inclusive of all materials needed to complete your project. Refreshments will also be available for purchase with cash only, so please bring enough change.

There is limited space available so if this sounds like the perfect way to spend your day, register early.

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