How to Create a Perfect Photo Book


Technology has changed the way you used to do things. Back in the day, you used to have physical photos that came in hard copies. Today, you can easily have your photos digitized by using a scanning app from Google. A personalized photo book can be created by using the latest technology on the market. Custom photo books have multiple designs you can always choose from on your favorite site.

It should feel exciting to create a digital photo book. That’s why the Mixbook team is ready to have all your books designed using the advanced app on the market. This article will be educating you on steps to create your own photo book.

Steps to Turn Photos to Digital Format

  1. Gather all photos you need to be digitized
  2. Arrange all photos in order
  3. Scan all photos into digital format

Avoid using your smartphone camera as it may not publish very high-quality photos. Instead, you can download a scanner app from Google Play or Apple’s App Store for easy and high-quality resolutions.

Although there are high-quality intelligent phones with good cameras, it is advisable to use the scanner App to avoid any mishaps during the process.

How to scan your Photos

  •   Place a photo on the scanner and click ‘scan.’ The gadget will scan your picture, which will appear on your computer.
  •   The gadget will ask how you would like the image to be saved.
  •   Name each photo by number for easy identification.

What To Do After Scanning

You will have your photos in one of two formats: jpg or png, meaning that you will save photos under file names that end in any of the two mentioned above.

Save photos under one folder for easy access while uploading them to your photo book. Sometimes it can be hectic to do the procedure especially using the wrong method, so be very cautious while following instructions.

How to Choose Your Template

  •   Make sure to go through your photo book template, as this is important, especially if you want to create a new photo book.
  •   You can now upload your photos after selecting a preferred theme.
  •   For easy upload, click ‘start book’ and follow instructions to create something unique.

Why Mixbook is Unique

Mixbook’s team has the most experience in creating unique photo books. The team can provide various designs of photos books for their clients.

The Mixbook’s team is always online to assist their clients. Plus, they do have options for all events. Modern designs of high quality that you will like for your event. If you have a wedding or a birthday party, you can try Mixbook and get the design of a photo book to suit your taste.

Mixbook has a wide range of themes that are beautifully crafted to suit our client’s needs.

In conclusion, you don’t have to keep the photos the traditional way. Just visit the site and create your photo book online to fit in this digital lifestyle.

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