Is the Generational Gap to Blame for Environmental Problems?

It’s easy to say that regarding most social issues, there’s a huge divide between the younger and older generations. The older generation tends to be more conservative and isn’t open to modern issues like gay marriage or the use of drugs. Given that their views are in line with conservative values, it’s easy to accuse them of also hating the environment, or at least not caring about environmental protection.

It might be true for some people, but it could also be applicable to the modern generation. Some young adults don’t make any efforts to protect the environment just as some older people deny the existence of climate change. Either way, those views hurt the environment.

In short, it’s not about the generational gap, but the belief of people. Those who studied the adverse effects of global warming understand that human actions are to blame. They also took time to research the necessary information and check various media outlets. Conversely, some people listen to the same news source where the idea that global warming is a hoax keeps playing over and over again.

People need to care

Regardless of your age, you have to care about the environment. Everyone has a responsibility to save the environment, given the damages done over the years. If you see people who don’t care about the environment, it’s your responsibility to make them realize the effects of what they’re doing. You need to let them understand the consequences. You can argue about the facts related to global warming. You might fail in changing minds, but you can at least start a discussion. It’s enough for you to move the needle until these people start to care about the environment.

Take action

You can engage in discussions and take other steps to help the environment. As long as you’re walking the talk, there’s nothing wrong with it. The problem is when you keep telling people that you care about the environment when, in reality, you don’t. Your actions show otherwise. For instance, at home, you don’t even take time to segregate trash. You don’t care where the garbage collector disposes of the items you throw away. Instead of partnering with junk haulers, you decide that proper waste disposal isn’t important.

With your actions, you’re no different to people who scream that climate change isn’t real. The idea that it’s about the generational gap is an excuse. Even if it’s true, you should still focus on how you can solve the problem. Besides, it’s not about which generation damaged the environment, but how we can protect it for the future generations.

We owe it to our kids to do something about reality. If we keep ignoring the environment, there will come a time when we can no longer have a beautiful place to live in. We can’t let it happen. We can argue all day about who is to blame, or we can get involved in environmental protection.


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