Police certificate defined

A police certificate is a document which shows the criminal record of an individual. The document is official and is issued by the police or any other suitable agency. The certificate is known by different names in different countries such as in Hong Kong as the good citizen book; in Australia as the National Police history check; police clearance certificate; good conduct certificate; and judicial extracts.

It is quite necessary sometimes to submit fingerprints and some particular personal information to get a police certificate. The process of the police certificate is mostly accompanied with a fee charge.

The certificate might and might not include a date of expiry. This is absolutely dependent on the country and criteria for validity vary in each country.

Why apply for a police certificate?

  • The certificate could be needed when an individual is applying for vocational jobs which require clearance.
  • Individuals applying for visas or processing their immigration would need to get a police certificate.
  • Organizations are in a position to request for a police certificate form employees. This is aimed to protect the name of the brand; protect the customers and clients of the company; and maintain a good working environment.

Australian National Police history check

The police check application in Australia is done in a different ways such as via the Australian Federal Police; local police station in the applicant’s vicinity; or online ACIC accredited agency. If an online agency is used, it must be accredited; safe and private; cover the Australian states and territories.

It is quite impossible to get a free check in Australia.  Most individuals prefer the online process and obtain the check with a fee of about 48 dollars. Some companies make arrangements to help their employees cover for the cost of the check while others do not cover the cost for the application. Although volunteers are needed to get the certificate alongside regular workers, they are still expected to pay for it.

Applicants for the check are usually advised to check with their organization if they’ll be returning the amount of the police certificate.

CrimTrac handles all background findings but the information divulged to the individual varies from the reason of the background check; the ACIC accredited agency’s regulating police agency; states relevant to the release of information in relation to the police certificate.

In situations when the applicant is not satisfied with the police certificate, they are allowed to contact the agency in charge of the process. Once the certificate is submitted, CrimTrac starts a review process.

The agency usually always keeps the applicants informed via emails on the progress of the process.

End Note

Some agencies such as Commonwealth agencies can only accept checks issued by the Australian Federal Police. This is extended towards immigration and Visa processes as well as adoption process.

Otherwise, the check could be done online which is quite easier and a whole lot faster than the Australian Federal Police process which is reliant on manual process.

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