Online Poker Can Become Extinct Within 5 Years Because Of AI

Current technological advancements are just like as it was predicted in many sci-fi movies of the yester era. There are many advanced technologies available right now that many people won’t be able to comprehend as real and among them is AI or Artificial Intelligence. Many big corporations have been researching this cutting-edge technology for some time being. And now many have come up with their own versions of AI and 먹튀.

How can AI make online poker extinct?

AI can be defined as a computer programme or machine that simulates human intelligence by using methods such as thinking and learning. But things that differentiate AI from human mind is that it never gets tired, it is always learning and evolving, and it is very fast as compared to humans. In simple terms if left free it can outclass and outsmart humans in everything that you can think of.

You can judge it from the news that was doing rounds on the internet a few months back that an AI defeated five professional Poker players. The AI that was used first learned the games by playing millions of poker hands with clones of itself. And after mastering all the tactics including bluffing the AI came on top of the humans. This was not the first time that an AI defeated humans in a game, earlier it was also tried in many popular online games and AI there also came out on top by defeating many of the best players of that game.

With the continuous advancement in technology it will only grow more and more powerful and ultimately not only poker it can dominate all other games that people play online. All humans can hope and pray that in future they don’t encounter a rouge AI like in the movies such as Terminator and Matrix.

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