Other casino games you should know about

Games on the online casino are so many that you might be confused which one to play and which one not to play. The DG has many of the online casino games including the following:


It is one of the oldest casino games which used to be associated with high rollers, but it can as well be played with low stakes also. The game’s rules tend to be straightforward as you don’t have to use any strategy with it. You have a choice to bet on the banker’s hand, or your hand then sit back and wait to see if luck will be on your side or not.

Caribbean stud poker

It is one of the best poker-related casino game.  It revolves around a five card stud, played against the house instead of other bettors. You will have to use a bit of strategy to know when to fold and when to play a hand, but the rules and the strategy are straightforward to learn.

Casino hold’em

It has some similarities with Texas Hold’em because each player is dealt with two hole cards, and also dealt, are five community cards. The goals of the game are to make the best poker hand out of the five cards. Just like other casino games that are poker related, you will only have to face the house as your opponent. The winning hands are paid out depending on their strength.

Three card poker

Three card poker is one of the most accessible game to play in the casino to learn. And that could be the reason why it is a favorite to many people. It is played at a very fast pace, and you don’t need to do any thinking. You have the potential of some big payouts when you have the right hands, helping to make the game to be more appealing.

Let it ride poker

It tends to be slightly complicated as compared to other poker games in the casino. It could be because of one feature on the game as you have the option of removing part of your stake after dealing the first three cards, and also after your forth card. It is an excellent way of saving some money when you find it hard to work with any cards which are being dealt with you.

Casino war

It is one of the simplest casino games. It is gambling at its simplest. A single card is dealt with the player with the dealer dealing also a single card, with the highest card being the winner. That is all to casino war. The only slightest complication happens when a tie occurs.

Sic Bo

It is a dice game that has various options for betting. However, that is what makes it to be complicated to learn the rules as well as appealing. The risk is varied, which enables the players to be able to choose between having to play safe or take a chance and go for the high payouts.

Pai Gow Poker

It is a game that is based on Chinese dominos game known as Pai Gow. The players are dealt with seven cards and have to make a poker hand five cards and a two-card hand. To determine the way to set up the hand, there are specific strategies which are involved with the play being complex. The decisions to be made are relatively obvious.

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