Paint by number tricks and tips


Anyone who has tried out paint by number will tell you that paint by number is fun. Apart from just having fun, painted by a number gives us relief as well as focus. If you feel like you are not okay or you are stressed, the first thing that you should do is try to paint by number. Paint by number kits is very important as they help everyone be able to explore an artist in themselves. The kit allows you to come up with professional paintings that are interesting artwork without stressing out. If you have always wanted to be an artist but you never got it right, the best way is to try out paint by number. Although paint by number seems to be straightforward, there are tips that you can use to make your work stand out. Here are some important tips that you can consider using

Start in descending order

This is a very important tip that all paint by number artists should use and consider. Working in descending order is the best way to go. Descending simply means that you should start work from larger areas and then proceed to smaller areas. This is a very workable tip and it will help you avoid consuming so much time. Apart from saving time, it will also prevent any kind of accidental smudging.

Start with the darkest color

This is the second and a very important tip to use when you are using paint by numbers custom. You should always consider using the darkest color first then you can proceed to use the lighter one. This is a very important step as it will help you to understand color composition better. This way, it will be very easy to see how color affects one another. The impact of dark color on light color can only be viewed by starting with dark colors first.

Cover the numbers

Covering the numbers is also a very important tip that all paint by number should utilize. Covering the numbers is a way to make sure that your painting or work stays as neat as possible. To cover the numbers, you should consider coating the second layer of paint and letting it dry. You should never rush your painting and make sure that you give it plenty of drying time between colors.

Closing the paint cup

This is also another important tip that you can use to make your paint by number artwork great. When the paint cup is not in use, you should consider drying them. This is a very important step as it will prevent them from drying. With the lid being open, the paint will dry up and this will render it useless. You can consider covering your paint by numbers with a little coat or you can consider using an acrylic sealer.

Take good care of your brushes

Whether you are using your brushes or not, you must consider taking good care of them.

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