The don’ts of online slot machine

Good Bandar slot online will ensure that you get to know about the don’ts when playing online slot machine. In any type of business where a lot of cash is involved and it is exchanging hands, there will always be people who are willing to go outside the law for the game to beat the system.

Slots especially in live casinos where it is possible to cheat on the physical devices have been affected too scams than the online casinos. The laws in the jurisdiction where licensed casinos operate take a dim view when it comes to cheating the slots. Casinos which are licensed and cheat know that it is a felony and can carry prison terms which are stiff.  The following are some of the scams which have been tried by players. It is good that you know them so that you avoid the same:

The string theory

When the three reel slots were the only ones in existence with the coin, cheaters were able to work a scam where they tied a string that was affixed to a coin. They then drop the coin the slot, tripping the mechanism which game them enough credit to go ahead and play. The string was used to pull the coin back.

There was a woman who was caught in Nevada using a coin on a yarn which was brightly colored, which happened to be easy to spot from a far. There were others which were less obvious, but the ones who were caught were prosecuted.

The manufacturers went ahead and designed a device which was more secure in accepting the coins so that the cheat became impossible. Nowadays, most of the slots accept only the paper currency or tickets and slots no longer have heads.

Slug it out

Slugs or fake coins were a problem experienced by casinos when they accepted the coins. There were some which were just a rounded piece of metal which didn’t have any design. For others, they were made to be more elaborate, and this made the counterfeiters in the east of USA to stamp slot tokens which looked like those which were used in New Jersey.

The costs of metal and manufacturing were les as compared to the value of a slot coin, and there were incentives for the cheaters. There was progressive growth in coin recognition which was sophisticate to avert this type of problem.

Magnetic force

There are some slots machines which were available in the 1960s and the 1970s which were vulnerable to the magnets. Cheaters used the magnets in making the reels to float free instead of having to stop on a spin. For the scam artists, they would then remove the magnet only when the reel was aligning with a combination for winning. There were more sophisticated top bottom devices which were used in the 1980s. The main one was a metal rod which was bent on one side and the bottom was a strand of a wire.

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