What Are The Benefits Of Applying In The quebec immigrant investor program

Referring to the Quebec Economic Class selection grid, candidates for the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program get points based on six criteria. It is necessary to meet the mandated cutoff scores of 10 for managerial experience and 25 for financial investment to pass with 40 points. Candidates for the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program are assessed according to several criteria, including but not limited to:

  • level of education/training, management experience
  • age
  • fluency in French or English
  • length of stay in Quebec
  • number of immediate family members already living in Quebec
  • Investment Agreement

Many benefits accrue to those who submit their applications under the Quebec Investor Category:

  • A need for an interview may be waived in your case. (Assuming the documentation in your case presents itself clearly)
  • The immigration visa is completely unconditional.
  • Your kids may start their college education immediately without having to pay the high costs of obtaining a student visa. Additionally, they can qualify for a government scholarship.
  • The application process has been streamlined by eliminating prerequisites like business plans and site visits.
  • You may back a tiny company without worrying about reporting back to the government on its success or failure.
  • Net assets may include donations and gifts received during the last six months.
  • Any assets owned by either spouse may be included in the final tally.
  • If you live in Quebec, the processing time might be less than a year.

Depending on your circumstances, there are plenty of additional benefits to consider. The Quebec immigrant Investor Scheme is unlike any other such program in existence. Cheaper housing expenses and a generally lower cost of living compared to the other Canadian provinces are just two of the numerous financial benefits that settling in Quebec offers the Quebec Investor.

Learn About The Program

Only the quebec immigrant investor program in Canada is geared toward foreign investors. Investors from outside Canada who enroll in the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program and have a net worth of at least CAD$2 million may be able to apply for permanent residence in Canada. Despite Quebec’s status as a French-speaking province, applicants to the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program are not required to demonstrate competence in French.

Among its many benefits, the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program stands out as Canada’s sole program specifically targeting passive investors. Many foreign business investor immigration schemes, like the United States EB-5 program, have strict job creation requirements. You will automatically become a permanent resident when you enter Canada via the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program.

The applicant’s immediate family members may be included in the application and, if successful, will become permanent residents of Canada, gaining access to the country’s excellent healthcare system and educational opportunities. For the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program, eligibility is based on a candidate’s financial capacity and commitment to investing in Quebec.

Applicants need a combined net worth of at least CAD 2,000,000 and a commitment to invest CAD 1,200,000 over five years via Investissement Québec – Immigrants Investisseurs Inc. Applicants for the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program must additionally show that they have at least two years of managerial experience from within the previous five years.

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