What should you know before driving a rented car in Dubai?

Let us assume that you rent a Ferrari in DubaiWe could not be sure that you will have a driver to take you around the city. So, you may have to drive it yourself. However, it is not enough to know to drive a car. You should have a license to drive a rented car or your car in the city. Apart from having a driving license, it is required to know the various rules to be followed on the roads of Dubai. If you are found doing anything out of the rules, you will get fines from the government. As you are using a rented car, these fines will get deducted from your security deposit given at the car rental. So, it is mandatory for everyone wishing to rent a car in Dubai to know these requirements beforehand. In this article, let us have a look at these requirements and rules in brief.

Driver permits 

If you are going to drive the rented cars yourself, you should fall somewhere in the following categories.

  • There are different age limits for driving a car and renting a car. You can drive one right after you cross the age of 18. However, you could rent a car from rentals only if you are older than 21.
  • Citizens of countries that come under the Gulf Cooperation Council will have exceptions to the possession of an International driving license. It is enough for them to have their home country’s driving license. The same goes true for European citizens also. However, you would have to get an International driving permit or license when you come to Dubai from any other countries with a tourist visa. You can get this license from your home country itself. Based on your nationality, the driving permits required to roam around the nation will vary in Dubai. It is necessary to acquire necessary licenses before driving a car in Dubai.
  • Once your tourist visa goes invalid or you become a permanent resident in UAE, you can get the nation’s driving license to drive your rented car.

Road rules

Along with driver’s permits, you have to know some of the road rules also to drive in Dubai. These rules are as follows,

  • You have to keep right on the road as you do in the United States of America. If you are from a foreign country that follows the left-hand rule, it will be tedious for you to switch styles a bit in earlier stages.
  • If you have kids, there would be a need for booster seats in your car to place them. If you say beforehand, the car rentals will arrange these seats for your car.
  • Each car will have seatbelts, and you should ensure that everyone wears them.
  • Once you break any traffic rule, you would face severe fines, which will reduce the amount you get from your security deposit at the rentals.
  • There will be speed limits at various places to follow.

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