Why a Fishing Charter Is Perfect For Drumming Up New Business.


If you have an important business meeting coming up then you should understand that this potential client has probably reached out to a number of other businesses that provide the exact same products and services that you do. They’re looking for the best deal possible but they also want to do business with someone that they know will take care of their account. This is why it is so important that you create the right first impression every single time when it comes to new business meetings and so maybe this time, you should think about conducting business in a completely different setting.

This might be the time to take advantage of fishing charters in Merimbula and really treat your prospective new clients to something quite different. Everyone else will be holding a business meeting in the local hotel or at their place of business and you can be pretty sure that nobody will be trying to conduct business on the deck of a fishing boat. This will certainly provide the best first impression every single time. The following are just some of the reasons why a fishing charter is perfect for drumming up new business.

  • It is a neutral location – Many new clients do not like having meetings in your business premises because it makes them feel a little uneasy and if they are uptight then this does not lead to good business dealings. By offering your client the opportunity to go for some fishing for the day while also discussing business, you are providing them with a neutral location and this will allow them to relax more.
  • The right first impression – If they had any doubts of until this point about how much that you want their business then the questions will be answered. By taking the time to book a special fishing charter for this new client, you really pushing the boat out as they say and you are creating the right first impression every single time.

You’re only going to get one chance at this new business meeting and so you need to make the most of it while you can. You want your clients leaving your business meeting feeling refreshed and excited all at the same time. You can be pretty sure that they will remember this business meeting for quite some time and hopefully you will get the positive result that you had been hoping for.

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