Asbestos & The Dangers That It Presents For Your Health.


The current generation is totally unfamiliar with asbestos and rightly so. It has not been used in the building industry in over five decades and it is banned in most countries around the world including Australia. It was used in the past to add strength to building products and to make them more fire resistant as well. It was also used as a type of insulation in the 1980s and before, and it was used for noise and weather insulation. It was definitely the go-to material to add to such things as cement and plaster, floor and ceiling tiles and many different roofing products.

This is why it can be found in older buildings all across Australia and why many service providers take part in asbestos removals in Perth every year. You would be surprised at the number of call outs that happen all across the country and they continue to happen every day.  If you are a little in the dark when it comes to the dangers of asbestos then the following should help you to realise just how dangerous that it actually is.

  • It causes lung cancer – It is entirely possible to breathe then small fivers of asbestos that get into the air from people who are doing renovations or any other type of building work. Any kind of drilling, sawing or sanding will disturb it and cause it to be released into the air. All you need to do is to breathe then one single fibre and your health sufferers as a direct result.

The best thing to do however is to just leave it alone if you suspect that something in your property may be asbestos. Believe it or not but it is relatively harmless if you don’t disturb it and it is behind the walls and floor boards in your property. Generally speaking, if any fixtures and fittings are in good condition then you really do have very little to worry about but it’s always a good idea to have it removed.

Thankfully asbestos is now banned in Australia and so any new properties that are being sold or that are currently on the market do not present a danger when it comes to asbestos. It is usually the case that the property is quite old and so if you find what you think is asbestos in your attic or in your basement then just don’t go near it and make the call to your local asbestos removal service provider.

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