Post-Extraction Care –Tips For A Smooth Recovery


There are many reasons why tooth extractions could be required. You may be suffering oral health issues, or you may have sustained injuries in an accident. When there is tooth crowding and misalignment, your dentist may also advise tooth extractions. After the tooth extraction surgery, there are a few tips that a dentist in Rancho San Diego has developed to help you recover more quickly. If you want to recover quickly and effectively, keep reading them.

Tips to recover after tooth extraction

There are a few things about tooth extraction that you should be aware of. After your extraction operation, you may need a couple of days to recover. Taking the advice of your preferred dentist may ensure a quick and effective recovery.

  • Get Enough Sleep

After your extraction procedure, you must ensure you get sufficient sleep. The correct position is to have your head up. This will provide a quicker recovery. Also, you have to refrain from any physically demanding tasks for the next 72 hours. Additionally, you need to use care when rising from the bed. Get up slowly to prevent feeling lightheaded or unpleasant.

  • Bleeding

It is expected to have some bleeding after tooth extraction. Stay calm if you see red patches in your saliva. However, there is cause for worry if your bleeding persists after 24 hours. Use a teabag or gauze to provide constant pressure to stop the bleeding. You should contact your dentist if the bleeding does not stop.

  • Controlling Inflammation

Use an ice pack to reduce edema.  Press the pack gently against your cheek near the extraction site for 10 minutes. You can put it away for the next few minutes after that. Keep doing this until the swelling goes down. Only a day after the procedure may you use moist heat treatment. However, you should get medical help if you experience severe discomfort, fever, or edema.

  • Diet after extraction

You need to have soft meals after your procedure. Hard foods could damage the extraction site. Refrain from eating too hot, spicy, or cold over the first few days. Try to maintain a balanced diet and eat nutritious foods. If you want further information about tooth extraction, talk about it with your dentist.

Things to stay away from.

  • After getting your tooth out, do not smoke. This may halt the bleeding and cause a dry socket to appear.
  • To prevent any harm, you should also stay out of hot drinks.
  • Alcohol is not to be consumed after your extraction operation. This may severely harm the body and impede the process of healing.

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